How are you..

It’s a commonly asked question that isn’t thought about very often. Let me raise a few questions.

  1. When you ask someone, “How are you?” Are you asking because you are seriously interested in knowing how their life and mental well-being is or are you asking because it is a societal expectation of you after saying hello?
  2. When someone asks you how you are, do you give them an honest answer or do you say “I’m good” or “I’m well” following it by asking how they are?

Working in customer service, and frankly, just being a social individual, this question can really lose it’s meaning. I am guilty of asking people when I don’t want to hear the honest answer. However, I am also guilty of saying “I’m well” because I know my audience isn’t looking for a detailed honest answer either (at least I don’t believe they are).

What is really on my mind is how often do you ask someone how they are, and you believe them? Do you truly believe your neighbor you saw this morning on the way to work is doing well? Or do you think maybe they have some things going on that they don’t necessarily think you want to hear about?

I once had a customer a few years ago that when I asked “How are you?” his response was “Oh ya know, I’m good, can’t complain because you don’t want to hear it anyways.” I was shocked for many reasons (a) he didn’t give me the typical answer and (b) he was completely right, I did not want to hear about his problems. How horrible is that? I asked but hoped he would lie to me!

So I raise this challenge. The next person YOU ask “how are you” too, hope for an honest answer, and if they give you one, then listen to it (don’t zone out and think about what you might eat that night). Some people just need to get things off their chest, and talking to someone can be very therapeutic. Next challenge, be honest with the next person who asks you how you are. Watch them feel uncomfortable and work through the unexpected situation. They might surprise you… they might actually want to know.

“The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done.” – Allard Lowenstein


The Cozy Dream..

In every chick flick, the main character almost always has this super cozy looking area in their home. Whether it be a massive bay window with a bench covered in pillows where the woman can read and sip her tea in the morning, or maybe it’s that circular cuddle chair in the corner of her bedroom where she sits and writes in her journal for hours.

I can’t be alone in hoping that one day I will have the cozy dream in my house. You might be wondering what movie I just watched to have this idea in my head? Well, no movie watching here. I am at work on my lunch break, and I believe I found my work equivalent of this cozy scenery. Guess where it is? Outside the men’s bathroom.

Gross? Not so far. I’ll keep you updated.

I always questioned the rows of comfortable chairs in between the men’s and women’s washrooms. Until today. I am sitting with my feet up, shoes off (perfect place to take your shoes off, blame the smell on the bathroom!), enjoying my salad. It is absolutely serene. No noise (no, not even toilet flushing), no one is around (because who wants to be the weirdo outside the bathroom for an hour? Me!) I am sitting next to a large window with a not so beautiful view of the building across the sidewalk…it isn’t perfect but it allows me to watch the rain fall or allows the sun to shine in.

So it isn’t like the movies? But it’s close enough for today.

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities becomes limitless.” – Jamie Paolinetti

Cold, Cold, Mornings..

Good Morning!! It’s 7:18am, I am dressed and ready to go to work…and yet I find myself back in my bed. Sound familiar? Many people suffer every morning trying to get out of bed, and it can be for various reasons. My reason? Anyone who knows me, knows I am almost always cold. If there is a day I am complaining about being too warm, I am probably sick or just went for a run… okay, it’s not ever the latter.

I am that girl who sleeps with a million blankets and pillows (Which means I probably steal them in the night but my boyfriend would never know because he’s also a blanket hog). What sets me apart? I sleep never to a plugin heater all year round. I’m sure I am not the only one who does this. It is currently 15 degrees Celsius out there and I have my heater on, while surrounded by blankets. Crazy? Probably.

It’s on these cold, cold mornings that I just want to stay wrapped up in bed, turn on The Mindy Project and cuddle up with a cup of tea. Unfortunately, it isn’t one of those mornings. I have to somehow find the motivation to drag my ass out of bed and to the closest Tim Horton’s to get my caffeine boost for the day before heading to the office to start my day. You might be wondering, where do I find the motivation? It’s the countdown that in 14 hours, I get to crawl back into this purple covered bed and do exactly what I wish I could every morning.

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


Always On The Move..

In the shortest way I can think of, I am going to give you the backstory… How did I get here? What made me turn to a blog? There is no one answer to those questions. I could think of a million different reasons for why I think I should do this or how I came to this point in my life. Eventually, through many blog posts, you will know them all.

Do you remember in elementary school when there was a new kid? Everyone was always intrigued by them. We all wanted to know where they came from, why they were here and for how long would they be staying? Then eventually you would have all the answers and you no longer looked at them like a shiny new toy. They started to look like all those stuffed animals you play with already, so why need a new one?

I don’t remember having a fascination for new kids; however, I do remember when everyone lost theirs. I was quite often the new kid when it came to the end of my elementary days.

It started with walking home from school one day and seeing the bright yellow wooden posts. Hanging from the ugly wood was a big for sale sign. My parents will never forget how I reacted to that sign, and I’m sure the real estate agent won’t either. I kicked that sign down and dragged it to the nearest dumpster, because back then, I thought if the sign was gone, maybe mom and dad would forget about moving altogether. (This is pretty impressive when you realize I was 10 at the time.)

It goes without saying that my plan did not work. I moved a few times after that, never out of province, but always far enough that day visits to old pals were not a possibility. I’d love to tell you how it got easier and eventually I began to like moving, or about how I discovered my dreams of being a professional packer! Sorry, it’s not that kind of story, and I am not that kind of girl. It got harder. I became so close with people and saying good-bye to them was never easy. Some people refused to accept my good-bye, and I thank god for those individuals who are still in my life after my postal code changes.

There’s no happy ending to this story (yet) as I am still here typing today, but I can say I learned a lot always being on the move. I met some amazing people. No two alike. If it hadn’t have been for the packing and driving, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and it will help me get to who I want to be tomorrow.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” -Vince Lombardi