About Me

Does anyone ever actually read the “About the Author” Section?

Well for that one in a million, here it is. I am currently twenty years old, but I do expect this number to change in the future (there is never a guarantee though). I attend a university in Ontario, where I study the minds of criminals and psychopaths alike. I work multiple jobs in order to pay for school. So there you have it, I am the same as anyone who may read this. I don’t have any special attributes that make me more qualified to have an opinion in this world; however, I still have one.

My hobbies include working, sleeping, Netflix, the love of my life, this blog, and I saved the craziest for last: Axe Throwing. For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, picture a large wooden dart board… Now throw an axe at it. That’s it. Amazing right? Don’t knock it before you try it.

You might have discovered in my writing thus far that I have a weird sense of humor. Many spend awhile trying to figure out if I am funny or if there is something wrong with me. That’s for you to decide 🙂

As my life has not ended yet, this will be an ongoing document. Things will change about me and then I will have to change this post. (Who knows, I may turn 21?)

So ta-ta for now.